Copyright Registration In Madhya Pradesh

Copyright registration is the process of legal terms. In Indian copyright laws, the owner of any property has the right to distribute, translate, reproduce, etc. The Indian government issued the law of copyright by the Act of 1957. Through this act, the government did not permit anyone to copy something from others like music, video, painting, advertisement, etc. So, to Apply for this any company’s owner should have copyright registration. 

Benefits of Copyright Registration in Madhya Pradesh

By this registration creators/owners get various types of advantages. the following benefits are notable:

Legal Protection: if you have registered copyright then you can take legal action for any problem.

Economic Benefits: it’s an opportunity for creators to earn money from its sales.

Advertisement: By copyright registration, your work is an advertisement.

Universal Protection: this registration provides your work’s safety in various countries.

Infringement Lawsuit: it protects you from infringement Lawsuits.

Exclusive Rights: In this registration, creators have many Exclusive Rights.

How to apply for copyright in India?

In India, the copyright registration process is mostly simple. If you want to register your copyright you can register this online or by mail. For copyright registration, some documents are required, and also pay for this. The fees of copyright registration in India are different from other countries.

If you register your copyright for the first time then you will receive a certificate. this certificate assures you that your work is safe from others. if any one copies your work then you will take a legal step to him. The following steps are required for registration.

  • Filing the Application
  • Objection Procedure
  • Examination Process
  • Registration Certificate

Is copyright registration mandatory?

Copyright registration is not completely mandatory because in other countries like the United States copyright is automatically granted to the creator. In India, if creators want to protect their creations then he/she can register copyright in their work.



Documents Required for Copyright Registration in India.

  • 2 Copies of the Work
  • General information about the candidate(ex- Aadhar card, PAN card, etc)
  • NOC from the creator
  • Power of Attorney
  • Publication Details
  • Nature of Work
  • Copyright Fee

How to Get a Copyright Certificate Online?

First owner needs to check the websites of copyrights.

The creators should create an account on the website

After creating an account, start filling out the application form and upload a copy of the creator’s original work.

Then pay for the registration as per the creator’s work, check it then submit it.

Wait for the processing and collect the certificate.