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Startup Registration

Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Indian government aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. One of the key components of the program is the Startup Company registration, which provides several benefits to startups, including tax benefits, funding, and access to various government schemes and initiatives.

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GST Registration in Madhya Pradesh

GST Registration in Madhya Pradesh 

GST registration is a 15 digit goods and service identification number that collects and identifies the business activities and business related data. If you are a businessman, then Madhya Pradesh is an excellent place for you. GST registration is a legal requirement for businesses and individuals whose annual turnover exceeds the prescribed financial limit, which varies from state to state. Any business must register for GST. Need to be included. GST helps reduce the number of taxes imposed on your business. Vidha corporate has all the experience to help you with GST registration. Besides, you can easily know everything you need for this by checking our website. GST registration not only confers legal compliance, but also opens the door to tax credit and trust for big businesses as they do various things like access and credibility in the eyes of consumers and road providers. GST helps you claim tax returns while minimizing expenses. Goods and Services Tax is an important indirect tax that has been used in India for a long time and is levied on certain goods. It came into effect from 1 July 2017 and simplified the business tax process

Benefits of GST registration

Goods and Services Tax has many advantages that can make the Indian economy stronger and stronger. There are of course many advantages when you want to register your business which are discussed below

  • GST has reduced the cash cading effect of indirect taxes.
  • It has helped to stop various tax evasion.
  • GST significantly helps in reducing listing cost in India.
  • Various administrations are possible through GST tax.
  • GST helps boost Make in India initiatives.
  • Simplification is the taxation service.
  • GST registration seeks to reduce corruption and sales without receipts.
  • Goods And prices tend to be lower for the range

Type of GST registration 

  • State good and Services tax ( SGST)
  • Integrated goods and Services tax (IGST)
  • Central goods and Services tax (CGST)
  • Union territory goods and Services tax(UGST)

Document for GST Registration 

  • Applicant photo
  • Email ID
  • Mobile no
  • Address proof for place of business
  • Information in context of opening of a bank account
  • Company’s certificate of incorporation Details of goods and Services to be supplied

Document for sole proprietorship/ individual

  • Pan card of the owner
  • Bank account details
  • Aadhaar card
  • Any two business address proof (electricity bill, property of documents, rent agreement, consent letter etc.)
  • E-mail I’d & ph. no
  • Business name and business activities
  • Passport size photocopy
  • Bank statement
  • Registration under GST, if the business turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs.

Document for partnership Firm

  • Pan card of the owner
  • Aadhaar card of the owner
  • Passport size photo
  • Address proof
  • Bank details

Document for Company/ LLP

  • Pan card of the company/designating partner
  • Aadhaar card of each director / designating partner
  • COI certificate/ LLPIN certificate
  • Primary signatory Authorization letter
  • Any two business address proof
  • Bank statement/ cancelled cheque
  • DIN no / DPIN no each director/ designating partner
  • Email I’d
  •  Mobile no
  • Business name and business activities
  • Passport sized photo

Document for HUF

  • Pan card of HUF
  • Identify proof of karta
  • Address of karta
  • Photograph of card
  • Bank account details
  • Address proof of the working premise

Process of GST registration

Currently, the GST registration process in India is mainly done online. GST Railway Station Processes are discussed below sequentially

  • First of all, go to the GST portal website and click on the registration button under the taxpayer section.
  • Then through the required details where your name, PAN card number, email id, address should be filled completely.
  • After submitting the necessary information you will receive an OTP on the phone number or email id for proper authentication of your mobile number.
  • Once the first time authentication is complete you will also receive a temporary reference number on your mobile or email address.
  • Then use the reference number to login to the GST portal and complete the rest of the registration process by completing the GST registration application.
  • Required information to be uploaded like Aadhaar Card PAN Card Bank Account etc. and business place proof.
  • After submitting the required documents and application form you will receive an application reference number on your email number.
  • When the GST officer verifies your application, he may ask for additional documents that the officer may require that you submit.
  • Finally after completion of your verification GST doubt letter will be issued and you can start using GST IN for your business transactions.

Who need GST Registration

  • A person who supplies taxable goods and services with an aggregate value of Rs.20 lakhs in a financial year can be registered for GST.
  • If you want to provide services and goods outside the country
  • If you want to sell your products and services online like flipkart, Amazon, jio store
  • If you want to do business in multiple states.
  • If a business has prior registration under the Tax Act.

Fees of GST registration 

GST registration in Madhya Pradesh fees start in 10,000

  1. Fees for sole proprietorship / individual ₹2,000 to ₹10,000
  2. Fees For partnership firm ₹1999
  3. Fees For ₹7499
  4. Fees for ₹5000 to ₹1000

Why we choose Vidha corporate for GST registration in Madhya Pradesh

Vidha corporate provides various types of services like GST, company registration, MSME registration, LLP registration , startup registration , copyright and trademark registration ,Income tax etc. This company is more trusted than other companies .Are you looking for a GST registration company in Madhya Pradesh? You can contact Vidha corporate for GST registration in Madhya Pradesh. Vidha corporate provides GST registration solution and services in Madhya Pradesh.

The Minimum Limit for GST Registration?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration services is a process that enables businesses to register for GST, which is a value-added tax levied on the supply of goods and services. In India, GST registration is mandatory for businesses with an annual turnover of Rs. 40 lakhs or more (for some states, the threshold is Rs. 20 lakhs or more), and for businesses that engage in inter-state supply of goods and services.

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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Madhya Pradesh

Trademark registration is an important legal process that gives businesses their own rights over their individual goods. Which confirms to the government about our own business name, its logo its identity, etc. Our business or company is protected by law through trademark registration. The main purpose of this registration is to create an identity of your business that is different from others. Besides, this registration increases the credibility of my business with clients. Through this, we can exercise our own rights in our own business.
During any new company registration, it is very important to submit an application to the government that maintains our company’s identity with the law. In today’s competitive business environment, it is very important to protect one’s brand identity and one’s presence. To Register Trademark Contact Vidha Corporate for hassle-free registration or follow A Stеp-by-Stеp Guidе to Tradеmark Rеgistration in India

Benefits of  Trademark Registration

1. Legal Protection: Trademark Registration gives you legal protection of your business or company. It assured that your company’s logo, brand, or slogan was not taken by others.
2. Increases Credibility: It helps the owner for a unique identity in the business market and increases your brand’s credibility.
3. Exclusive Rights: this registration provides you exclusive rights. you use your products or good a mark for their specification from others products. this exclusivity is very important for your product.
4. Strong Legal Grounds: This registration gives you a legal obligation. if any company ever accuses you of fraud then with the help of this registration you will easily get legal protection from that situation.
5. Asset Value: A Trademark registration is a significant asset. It can be used for various purposes such as buying, selling, and licensing activities.

Trademark registration procedure:

1.Preparation: Firstly, select a mark or shape that is different from other companies.
2.Search: then search for a unique trademark.
3.Application Filing: Then filing the application.
4.Examination: Trademark office checks your application and gives you legal protection.
5.Publication: If your application is approved then you are able to publish your products. During these periods anyone can object to your trademark.
6.Registration: If no one states the object then your trademark is fully registered and you get your exclusive rights.
7.Maintenance: Finally you should maintain it by renewal and protect it.

Whose are eligible for this registration

In India, anyone can register a trademark. Some of them are

1. An individual company

2.Joint Owners

3.Proprietorship Firm

4.Partnership Firm

5.Any pvt company

6.Startup Company

Required documents for Trademark registration in India:

1.Identification detail of trademark applicant
2.Details of Business
3.Form Trademark – 48
4.PAN and Aadhar copy
5.Proof of residence of the applicant for tax purposes
6.Udyog / MSME certificate (optional)
7.Logo (if any)
8.A scanned copy of the company ROC
9.Proof of applicant’s ID proof
10.Company documents

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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration In Madhya Pradesh

Copyright registration is the process of legal terms. In Indian copyright laws, the owner of any property has the right to distribute, translate, reproduce, etc. The Indian government issued the law of copyright by the Act of 1957. Through this act, the government did not permit anyone to copy something from others like music, video, painting, advertisement, etc. So, to Apply for this any company’s owner should have copyright registration. 

Benefits of Copyright Registration in Madhya Pradesh

By this registration creators/owners get various types of advantages. the following benefits are notable:

Legal Protection: if you have registered copyright then you can take legal action for any problem.

Economic Benefits: it’s an opportunity for creators to earn money from its sales.

Advertisement: By copyright registration, your work is an advertisement.

Universal Protection: this registration provides your work’s safety in various countries.

Infringement Lawsuit: it protects you from infringement Lawsuits.

Exclusive Rights: In this registration, creators have many Exclusive Rights.

How to apply for copyright in India?

In India, the copyright registration process is mostly simple. If you want to register your copyright you can register this online or by mail. For copyright registration, some documents are required, and also pay for this. The fees of copyright registration in India are different from other countries.

If you register your copyright for the first time then you will receive a certificate. this certificate assures you that your work is safe from others. if any one copies your work then you will take a legal step to him. The following steps are required for registration.

  • Filing the Application
  • Objection Procedure
  • Examination Process
  • Registration Certificate

Is copyright registration mandatory?

Copyright registration is not completely mandatory because in other countries like the United States copyright is automatically granted to the creator. In India, if creators want to protect their creations then he/she can register copyright in their work.


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MSME Registration

MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSME Registration is the process of registering a business as a MSME with the government. This registration provides various benefits to the registered business, such as access to government schemes and subsidies, easier loan processing, and protection under intellectual property laws. In India, MSME registration can be done through the MSME Ministry’s Udyog Aadhaar portal.

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Project Report and CMA data Preparation

A project report is a comprehensive document that provides a detailed analysis of a particular project. It typically includes information about the project’s objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions. A project report can be used to communicate the outcomes of a project to stakeholders such as project sponsors, management, investors, and clients.

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Barcode consultancy

Barcode consultancy refers to the professional services provided by experts in the field of barcode technology. These services may include advice and guidance on the selection and implementation of barcode systems, as well as support with barcode-related projects and initiatives.


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Income tax

Income Tax is a financial and legal tax charged in India. Vidha Corporateis the best income tax consultant in Madhya Pradesh. Basically, it is earned by the income of the individual, business, etc. Income Tax Act, of 1961, mandates that the central government collect this tax. In the year the government can change the income slab or tax rate. Income tax is used to pay for things like schools, hospitals, roads, and other things that help everyone in the country. If you pay income tax you can contact best income tax consultant in Madhya Pradesh, Vidha corporate

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ROC Compliance

DIN (Director Identification Number) Services:

DIN is one of the most important requirements for incorporating and running a Company and every director or proposed director of the Company is required to possess an approved DIN.

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Partnership firm registration

Partnership firm registration refers to the process of legally registering a partnership business. A partnership is a type of business structure where two or more individuals own and operate a business together, with each partner sharing profits and losses.

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LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership entities, the worldwide recognized form of business organization has now been introduced in India by way of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. A Limited Liability Partnership, popularly known as LLP combines the advantages of both the Company and Partnership into a single form of organization.



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Company Registration in Madhya Pradesh

Private Limited Company Registration in Madhya Pradesh

Private limited company registration is a legal process that establishes a distinct legal entity separate from its owners, often referred to as shareholders. When a company opens, it has many steps. One of those steps is the registration of a Pvt. Ltd. company. An association or partnership company with more than a hundred people for any enterprise ought to be registered as a company. When a company is registered with the government, it becomes a separate legal entity, which provides some protection to the shareholders of the company.

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FSSAI Consultancy

FSSAI registration in Madhya Pradesh

FSSAI (The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is an organization, that controls the quality of human food, the scientific certificate of that food, how high quality the food is, and what ingredients are in it.
The use of an FSSAI license is very necessary in the food business. This means that the food is adulterated and safe and at the same, it means that the food business is of high quality. Documents required for FSSAI registration consultants: FSSAI is a food safety organization. If you want as an FSSAI registration consultant then you need to follow some steps to register some important information with FSSAI.

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