Trademark Registration in Madhya Pradesh

Trademark registration is an important legal process that gives businesses their own rights over their individual goods. Which confirms to the government about our own business name, its logo its identity, etc. Our business or company is protected by law through trademark registration. The main purpose of this registration is to create an identity of your business that is different from others. Besides, this registration increases the credibility of my business with clients. Through this, we can exercise our own rights in our own business.
During any new company registration, it is very important to submit an application to the government that maintains our company’s identity with the law. In today’s competitive business environment, it is very important to protect one’s brand identity and one’s presence. To Register Trademark Contact Vidha Corporate for hassle-free registration or follow A Stеp-by-Stеp Guidе to Tradеmark Rеgistration in India

Benefits of  Trademark Registration

1. Legal Protection: Trademark Registration gives you legal protection of your business or company. It assured that your company’s logo, brand, or slogan was not taken by others.
2. Increases Credibility: It helps the owner for a unique identity in the business market and increases your brand’s credibility.
3. Exclusive Rights: this registration provides you exclusive rights. you use your products or good a mark for their specification from others products. this exclusivity is very important for your product.
4. Strong Legal Grounds: This registration gives you a legal obligation. if any company ever accuses you of fraud then with the help of this registration you will easily get legal protection from that situation.
5. Asset Value: A Trademark registration is a significant asset. It can be used for various purposes such as buying, selling, and licensing activities.

Trademark registration procedure:

1.Preparation: Firstly, select a mark or shape that is different from other companies.
2.Search: then search for a unique trademark.
3.Application Filing: Then filing the application.
4.Examination: Trademark office checks your application and gives you legal protection.
5.Publication: If your application is approved then you are able to publish your products. During these periods anyone can object to your trademark.
6.Registration: If no one states the object then your trademark is fully registered and you get your exclusive rights.
7.Maintenance: Finally you should maintain it by renewal and protect it.

Whose are eligible for this registration

In India, anyone can register a trademark. Some of them are

1. An individual company

2.Joint Owners

3.Proprietorship Firm

4.Partnership Firm

5.Any pvt company

6.Startup Company

Required documents for Trademark registration in India:

1.Identification detail of trademark applicant
2.Details of Business
3.Form Trademark – 48
4.PAN and Aadhar copy
5.Proof of residence of the applicant for tax purposes
6.Udyog / MSME certificate (optional)
7.Logo (if any)
8.A scanned copy of the company ROC
9.Proof of applicant’s ID proof
10.Company documents

Trademark Registration in Madhya Pradesh

Fees of trademark registration in Madhya Pradesh

Trademark registration in Madhya Pradesh fees start from RS 4500/

      1. For individuals: 5000 (offline) 4500 (online)

      2. For any company: 10000 (offline) and 9000(online)

      3. Renewal fees : 10000(offline) 9000(online)

Validity of Trademark Registration

Trademark validity is 10 years from the date the company registration is valid. Then it needs to be renewed again six months before expiry.

Why did you choose Vidha Corporate for Trademark Registration?

Many companies are available for Trademark Registration in Madhya Pradesh but if you want to find the best one then you should contact Vidha Corporate. we have been providing various legal services for many years. we make clients aware of the legal steps that they want. our team completes their work with their own skills and gentle nature. we try to complete our work as quickly as possible. our team provides the work according to our client’s mind. contact Vidha Corporate immediately if you want to register your company’s trademark.



1. Can I register a trademark myself?
Ans: An individual can file and register a trademark. He or she is done online through a gateway. After filling the application trademark officers will approve it and then you use this trademark for your company. If you know more about trademark registration you can contact Vidha Corporate.

2. Is it mandatory to register a trademark?
Ans: No, it is not completely mandatory to register a trademark. If you want to protect your own business or company from others then you should register a trademark.

3. What happens if a trademark is not registered?
Ans: If a trademark is not registered then then you won’t get legal protection. You can lose your rights over your company and someone else can use your company’s brand name or logo for fraud.

4. What are some examples of a trademark?
Ans: Many trademarks can be used for registration but some are famous. They are

5. Which trademark Cannot be registered?
Ans: We cannot use the trademarks which hurt the different religious classes of the people of India. Also, those trademarks which contain some obscene or defamatory content and use names or symbols which are illegal under 1950 act may not be used.

6. How many types of trademark registration are there?
Ans: According to the Indian Trademark Act of 1999, trademark registration is divided into 45 categories.34 classes for products and 11 classes for services.


After the above discussion, it can be concluded that Trademark Registration is important for your own creativity. If you potent your company or business you should register a is also important for your brand identity and many exclusive rights. This registration is done in two ways online and offline. Before registering a Trademark you should consult a legal related person. Have you found the best Trademark Registration’s company in Madhya Pradesh? You can contact Vidha Corporate.